Mazda and Toyota are preparing to release a joint SUV

Mazda and Toyota are preparing to release a joint SUV

Two of the Japanese automaker intends to invest a total of up to $2.3 billion in a new joint plant in Alabama. That’s $830 million more than originally planned 2 years ago.


As stated in the official message of the automakers, the new JV is planned to produce about 300 thousand cars a year. Mazda wanted to release it on the crossovers, and Toyota — model Corolla for the North American market. But last year the Toyota management agreed with the partner.

In General, the release of two similar in design models in one company is more logical idea than the parallel production of cars and crossover.

It is possible that the new company will be created related models that will develop on the new platform. Perhaps it will be the electric car. Usually in such cases do so because the use of identical parts significantly reduces the cost of production. In addition, the two companies already have joint experience of badge-engineering: the new generation of the Toyota Yaris for North America is a “relative” of the Mazda 2.

About what models will be produced at the new plant, information yet. Currently, the American factory produced the Toyota RAV4 and Highlander, Toyota is still no plant in the United States.


Work on the construction of the Japanese plant will cost about 1.5 times more expensive than originally anticipated. The companies noted that due to the still large investments are going to improve the production line to improve production processes. Currently at the construction site, the active work on the construction of production facilities. It is planned that the enterprise will create 4 thousand new jobs. Already hired 600 employees

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