Mazda announced 5 crossovers at once

Mazda announced 5 crossovers at once


Mazda Motor Corporation has announced a massive expansion of its crossover lineup. The Japanese manufacturer is preparing five new models at once, all of which will be presented during 2022-2023.

The first sign will be the CX-50. Contrary to rumors, this will not be the successor to the CX-5 (the latter has just been updated once again), but an independent car on the platform common with the Mazda CX-30, and addressed exclusively to the United States. Its production will begin next January at Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, a new Mazda-Toyota joint venture plant built in Alabama.

In addition, North America and a number of other countries are promised two more new SUVs – the two-row CX-70 and the three-row CX-90. In the US, they will be equipped with in-line gasoline “turbo six” and hybrid power plants with the ability to charge from the mains.

Meanwhile, the two-row CX-60 and the three-row CX-80 will appear in Europe and Japan. Apparently, these will be analogs of American cars, but with narrower bodies, focused on local road and parking conditions. In the EU, the “sixty” and “eighty” will first of all receive a plug-in hybrid system based on the petrol “four”. New in-line six-cylinder engines, Skyactiv-X petrol and Skyactiv-D diesel, will also be available, both with a 48-volt mild-hybrid superstructure. For the Japanese, there are Skyactiv-D and power sockets.

In parallel, Mazda is going to stimulate sales of its first electric car – the small SUV MX-30. To this end, in the first half of 2022, it will be equipped with a rotary engine that will work as a generator to increase the range – much like in the BMW i3 REX.

Recall that this summer Mazda introduced the Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 strategy, according to which in 2022-2025 it will release 10 hybrids and three electric vehicles, and by the end of the decade it will electrify the entire model range in one way or another. The company has now confirmed that the first cars built on a platform designed specifically for battery-powered models will appear around 2025.

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