Mazda brings a new CX-5 to the roads

Mazda brings a new CX-5 to the roads


Photo spies managed to capture a camouflaged prototype of a certain Mazda crossover.

At the disposal of the Fast Lane Car edition were pictures of a camouflaged Mazda crossover, which was spotted near the local headquarters of the brand. Experts believe that a test copy of the new generation CX-5 off-road vehicle, which can move to a rear-wheel drive platform and get six-cylinder engines, got into the camera lenses.

Representatives of the publication note that there are few tangible changes in the design of the crossover. You can only highlight a thin radiator grille, modified bumpers and hood, as well as new optics. It should be noted that the prototype looks more massive than the model of the current generation.

Most likely, the model is based on a completely new platform called Large Architecture. The basic drive for the model will be rear. The car will be powered by six-cylinder engines that Mazda has been developing over the past few years. Fast Lane Car believes that the most affordable SUV modifications will be equipped with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine.

The debut of the new generation Mazda CX-5 should take place in early 2022. According to experts, the model will receive the name CX-50, others suggest that this name will receive a modification in the body of a cross-coupe.

The current Mazda CX-5 crossover is offered in Ukraine from $ 29,000.

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