Mazda has patented a car with a helipad

Mazda has patented a car with a helipad


Mazda has patented a drone landing pad, which will be installed on the rear window and act as a kind of port that provides communication between the quadcopter and an electric car.

So, thanks to this platform, the quadcopter will be able to quickly connect to the electronic systems of the vehicle, with which you can remotely control it without leaving the car.

The quadrocopter will be able to independently take off and land even while the car is moving, and will also eliminate the possibility of erroneous landings on other vehicles.

Mazda has not yet commented on its patent. It is possible that this site will become an option that can be purchased for top-end configurations of some models.

Earlier it was reported that Mazda has unveiled an updated version of the 2022 MX-5 roadster. The model has received a more modern stabilization technology KPC (Kinematic Posture Control), which provides a stable position of the car body and increased directional stability when cornering.

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