Mazda has prepared an update for “two”

Mazda has prepared an update for “two”


Analysts say that a new vehicle like the Mazda 6 and the model CX-5. We intend to sell in the market of Mexico, in other countries output is not worth the wait.

Similarities with the “six” evident in the exterior design, almost identical to the grille. But Mazda 2 has received a new optics, front and rear bumper. Compared to the version before the restyling, preserved tail lights.

Updated the designers and the interior of the vehicle. The multimedia system now syncs with smartphones on iOS and Android. For those car enthusiasts who will purchase the maximum configuration, a projector and climate control.


Under the hood of a Japanese car is the power unit for a half liter, maximum power is increased to 109 horsepower. Paired with the engine will operate manual gearbox with six steps, in the maximum configuration will install automatic.

It is already known that the minimal version will cost future owners of 259 000 pesos ($13 400).

Interesting model?

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