Mazda hinted at the revival of a rotary motor

Mazda hinted at the revival of a rotary motor


New hope for fans of sports cars with a Wankel engine, the Japanese hid in the historical video.

On the official channel Mazda posted on Youtube a video called “50 years of rotary” – it visually describes one of the most interesting pages in the biography of the Japanese brand. The video itself no prospects does not: a hint for some future Mazda hid in the video description that contains the phrase “the History of Mazda and rotary engines is not finished yet”.


However, how the Japanese are planning again to use in their cars the cult the Wankel engine, is still unclear. Mazda has repeatedly hinted at the possibility of the emergence of such engines in production cars, but no specifics is still there from this technology, the company refused back in 2012, turning the coupe RX-8. However, in 2015-m has released a concept RX-Vision, but then show the prototype of the modern history of Japanese rotors until I went.

Some time ago the Japanese said that could use the engine of this type on the “extender” as diesel electric generators for hybrid propulsion systems. Appeared on the Network and images allegedly patent applications, according to which, in Mazda are working on the improvement of engine design. However, one of the main tasks of the company now is to reduce fuel consumption and emissions is one of the purposes, for example, the SkyActiv program, and moderate appetite rotary motors never differed.

You had cars with rotary engines?

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