Mazda introduced their first electric car MX-30 at an auto show in Tokyo

Mazda introduced their first electric car MX-30 at an auto show in Tokyo


The first production electric car Mazda, Mazda MX-30, presented at Tokyo salon and is already available for pre-order at dealerships in Europe.

As the press service of the company, the crossover has been designed for drivers who do not want to lose the feeling of driving pleasure when driving the car. The car with the unusual shapes of the doors is equipped with a battery capable of providing a range of 200 km, which Is significantly higher than the average mileage to European buyer. Mazda MX-30 is another step forward in the global programme Mazda to reduce emissions of harmful substances, adopted since the range of engines Skyactiv-X.

Electric crossover Mazda MX-30 has 5 seats, its dimensions are 4395/1795/1570 mm and the wheelbase is equal 2 655 mm. Transmission e-SKYACTIV works in conjunction with the electric motor producing 143 HP and 265 Nm. The airborne system operates under the voltage 335 V. the Capacity of the traction battery is only 35.5 kWh.


Like any other model of the brand new Mazda MX-30 turns, accelerates, slows down and is controlled with precise predictable feedback. This is achieved through a set of engineering solutions e-Skyactiv. Battery, electric motor and transmission rigidly mounted to the power body construction that increases rigidity and improves handling.

When controlling for important driver the perception of acceleration and speed, which is why Mazda engineers developed a special system speakers imitating the sounds of the movement of a conventional car with internal combustion engines. Thus the difference in speed is noticeable even less. Helps in a special way tuned G-Vectoring Control (GVC), adapted for the electric motor (e-GVC).

The Mazda MX-30 the company continues to follow the design concept “less is more”, as in the geometry of the body and in the interior. From the a-pillar to the rear of the slope salon is perceived as a single space. Color accents on the roof complement this feeling. Original doors give the interior Mazda MX-30 an expressive look and provide passengers with easy access to the front and rear seats.

The salon uses eco-friendly materials such as faux leather. In the frame of the centre console uses cork recycling. The console design provides plenty of space for storage.


The interior door trim uses materials from recycled polyethylene, similar in texture with a natural fabric. Panels of material in Denim Black seat trim 20% are recycled.

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Mazda has always used the prefix MX for vehicles that its design and technology to challenge the industry. In the case of Mazda MX-30 has a completely new electric car with a unique design and interior, excellent dynamics, which will bring driving pleasure to the fans of Mazda.

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