Mazda is preparing 3 electric cars at once

Mazda is preparing 3 electric cars at once


Three models are much better than one MX-30, which is almost impossible to buy, but the Japanese manufacturer is still far behind the competition.

Mazda has never been a truly mass-produced automaker and has always gone its own way, slightly different from the rest. Rotary piston engines, naturally aspirated engines with a high compression ratio instead of turbocharging. And now it looks like the Japanese automaker has misunderstood the changing market. Because Mazda still does not have a single electric car available for purchase. There is also the Mazda MX-30 electric crossover, with doors like on the RX-8, you say. There is. However, only 560 of them will be produced. And as a car, it raises a number of questions. Mazda engineers for some reason sacrificed range in favor of “feeling of driving”. As a result, this is an electric car of 2022 with a range of only about 160 kilometers. Moreover, in the US, prices for it start at $ 35,000, and for this money there is an alternative with twice the range on a single charge.

The 3 new electric vehicles currently under development and due by 2025 should be much more capable. All 3 models will be based on the new electric vehicle platform, the Skyactiv EV Scalable Architecture. As conceived by the engineers, the “trick” of this platform should be a special panel in the center of the chassis, thanks to which you can change the length of the wheelbase and at the same time it is possible to install a battery of almost any size.

Relatively compact models will be the first to try on the new platform. According to rumors, the first car on the Skyactiv EV Scalable Architecture platform could be a Mazda3-sized sedan or a CX-30-sized crossover.

In addition, 3 hybrids based on the Skyactiv Multi-Solution Scalable Architecture should be released by 2025. As for conventional internal combustion engines, Mazda, like Lamborghini and Porsche, believes in their future and is developing new engines for synthetic fuels, which will greatly reduce emissions. However, no new synthetic fuel has yet been created. It may appear towards the end of the decade. How quickly it will appear in wide access is also a question.

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