Mazda limited the power of its first electric car

Mazda limited the power of its first electric car


The developers of the Japanese car manufacturer Mazda said that the power of the first fully electric car brand will be limited.

Thus, under the hood model has the battery capacity is low. According to manufacturers, this is done for several purposes, including enhancing the environmental performance of a new car. On a single battery charge can travel up to 209 kilometers.

The designers of the brand are confident that the stated range of speed is enough as the car will be offered in the European market, and according to studies, the day drivers in Europe cover less than 55 kilometers.


Sales of cars in the European market is planned at the end of this year. The equipment of the electrified crossover included: ABS, dual-zone climate control, rain sensor, heated front seats, advanced multimedia system and multifunctional steering wheel.

The cost of the electric car will be announced only after he will appear at dealers brand operating in the European market.

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