Mazda MX-5 can turn into a electric car

Mazda MX-5 can turn into a electric car


On this hint, a patented Mazda design of the subframe of the car, where the power plant is given quite a modest place. Such a layout often found on hybrids and electric cars.

Automobile experts are wondering whether the next generation of the iconic Roadster Mazda MX-5 electric. The reason to think about this question gave the latest patent obtained by the Japanese brand on the design of the subframe of the car with little space for the motor. This arrangement today is used on electric cars and hybrid cars, since their power plant is much more compact than cars with traditional internal combustion engines. In addition, the subframe can see the suspension on the double wishbone. The actual model number it is only Mazda Roadster coupe and MX-5.

All this has allowed experts to assume that the stamp “declassified” the first sketches of the MX-5 the next generation. The model that is on sale now, fans of the brand know for five years. So it is obvious that Mazda is already working on updating the MX-5.


On the one hand, the installation of electrical equipment is contrary to the philosophy of the lightweight MX-5, providing a driver a feeling of oneness with the car. Mass electric Mazda MX-5 will increase because of the heavy batteries. However, you can work with it. We will remind, a month earlier was presented the first electric car from Mazda, bearing the index MX-30. It was equipped with a small battery capacity of 35 kWh, up to 200 kilometers of Autonomous driving.

It turns out that the electric version of the MX-5 has a chance to enter the market. In this modification the internal combustion engine, at least, will remain for the next production cycle, writes the British automobile portal

Whether electric Mazda MX-5?

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