Mazda MX-5 updated

Mazda MX-5 updated


The Mazda brand spoke about the modifications that the MX5 sports car received with the change of model year. In addition to new body colors and interior trim options, the MX? 5 features more advanced KPC (Kinematic Posture Control) stabilization technology, which provides a stable body position and increased directional stability when cornering. In Japan, sales of the updated sports car will start in January 2022.

The KPC system of the new Mazda MX-5 is designed to keep the vehicle body level. The electronics monitors the level of lateral g-forces, so when a certain value is exceeded in a corner, it brakes the inner rear wheel, which prevents the car body from tilting.

In addition, the KPC system is able to estimate the difference in the rotational speed of the left and right wheels on the rear axle. Mazda claims that this ability allows electronics to linearly adjust their degree of intervention based on load. The addition of the new system has practically no effect on the weight of the Mazda MX-5 sports car: the increase is estimated at less than 1 gram.

Platinum Quartz Metallic has been added to the list of available body colors for the new Mazda MX-5 sports car, and the interior can now be trimmed with terracotta leather. In addition, it has been confirmed once again that the model has a special version of the 990S, which is distinguished by a reduced weight and therefore is produced only with a compact 130-horsepower engine with a working volume of 1.5 liters.

Whether these changes will affect the global version of the Mazda MX-5 sports car has not yet been specified. In Japan, the updated sports car MX? 5 will cost from 2 million 623 thousand 500 to 3 million 922 thousand 600 yen ($ 23,000-34,400).

  • MedialexApril 4, 2021 22:51

    Although it is definitely an unfinished replica, I would be interested in contact details, anyway. Maybe this could be an interesting project.

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