Mazda MX-5 will not become an electric car

Mazda MX-5 will not become an electric car


Mazda does not intend to release the MX-5 with an electric power plant. As Autocar found out, it is important for the Japanese brand to keep the weight of a sports roadster low, and modern batteries make the structure heavier to a large extent. According to insider information, three gasoline engines of the Skyactive-X family of 2.5, 2.0 and 1.5 liters are being prepared for the model. Because of the tightening of environmental regulations in Europe, Mazda is not worried, as the MX-5 remains a niche model and has almost no effect on average emissions.

This version is different from the one distributed by the Japanese edition of Kuruma in the summer. Then the journalists said that Mazda will electrify the next MX-5 to one degree or another: the most likely development of events was then called the transition to a hybrid power plant. This move was explained by the company’s plans to electrify the entire model range by 2030.

Autocar believes that the company is betting on gasoline engines of the Skyactiv-X family, the feature of which is the ignition of the combustible mixture by means of compression, similar to diesel engines. Due to the introduction of this method of fuel combustion, the engine torque is 10-30 percent higher, and fuel efficiency is 20-30 percent higher compared to other units.

At the same time, the journalists note that the Japanese brand will not completely abandon the electrification of the MX-5 and will consider the possibility of using the “soft” hybrid technology.

Meanwhile, Mazda continues to support the owners of the rare MX-5 / Miata: since 2019, the automaker has been releasing original parts for the first generation roadster. The list of equipment available to order is several dozen pages long and includes all possible parts, from tiny plugs and valves to brake and suspension elements, as well as body panels. At the same time, they look exactly the same as the original components, but are made according to the modern method.

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