Mazda plans to release superdiesel

Mazda plans to release superdiesel


The Japanese company wants to demonstrate that the potential of the engines on heavy fuel has not been exhausted.

World auto giants at the moment in contrast to the General struggle for the reduction of emissions of prefer to invest in electrification. However, Mazda believes that diesel engines are still able to surprise the world: on this edition of Autocar said the head of the research Department of the European division of Mazda Christian Schulze.


According to him, the company has developed a new approach to the design of diesel engines, and already in 2020, Mazda will show how clean and efficient can be motors of this type. Technical details Schultz did not elaborate, noting only that, in the opinion of Mazda engineers, between diesel engines and petrol engines are not so many differences.

“We hope the government will Wake up and see that in addition to electrification, there are other ways,” said Schultz.

However, in the Mazda I prefer not to put all eggs in one basket: next week in the framework of the Tokyo motor show debut, the first mass cross-coupe company with fully electric propulsion.

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