Mazda published the first image of the supercar named RX-Vision GT3

Mazda published the first image of the supercar named RX-Vision GT3

But fans rotary technologies to rejoice too early.

Lamborghini long will be considered the last company that built a virtual hypercar for computer tracks: its claim to this position is already stated, the Japanese from Mazda. The supercar named RX-Vision GT3 in which the company implements all your dreams about rotary engines.

It is, however, only about the announcement: Mazda designers and the developers of Gran Turismo Sport, whose tracks will be released one day sports car, still work a full digital model. Judging by the sketch, the design of future virtual innovations dates back to the striking concept RX-Vision, which was shown four years ago, but with certain purely track additions, although there is a nonzero probability that in the process of bringing the RX-Vision GT3 to game standards the exterior of the coupe will be somewhat easier.


For the design of a prototype from Mazda responsible person chief stylist of Ikuo Maeda, who created not only the aforementioned RX-Vision, but also the Mazda RX-8. Curiously, the appearance of the iconic Mazda RX-7 is from the pen of his father, Matasaburo Maeda.

Stated that the concept in the virtual space will be equipped with some completely new engine SkyActive-R. the specs are not announced, but apparently it is let on a computer, but still the implementation of the long-standing project of the company for the construction of an electric sports car with rotary engine as a “extender”. It is also known that the weight distribution of the RX-Vision GT3 will amount to 48:52 in favor of the rear axle, and the engine will be located in the front, but within the wheelbase.

Mazda will become a partner of the Studio Polyphony Digital in 2020 year: agreement has been signed. Accordingly, at about the same time, players of Gran Turismo Sport will be available and the new Japanese supercar.

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