Mazda rotary is back! How soon?

Mazda rotary is back! How soon?


Talk about the fact that sooner or later will resume Mazda using rotary engines, being almost since 2012, when came off the Assembly line last RX-8. Now we have further confirmation that this may happen in the foreseeable future.

Automaker has registered in Japanese patent office, the original scheme of the hybrid installation. It front-mounted internal combustion engines (rotary, but other options are possible) with the support of the electric motor drives the rear axle. The front wheels rotate built-in motors.

Four-wheel drive hybrid has a 48-volt battery – just a 3.5 kilowatt-hour, but it is supplemented by a system of capacitors placed in the engine compartment. Capacitors are charged with the recovery, giving the excess in the battery pack. Thus, the front electric motors there are two sources of energy. Capacitors are lighter than batteries, plus they are located close to the motors, i.e. high-voltage wiring required not so much. Both will significantly reduce the weight of the car, for what, all, in fact, conceived.


It is worth noting that in the spring of 2017 the year the chief engineer of the European division of Mazda Masahiro Tanaka said at the Geneva motor show the intention to include a rotary engine in a hybrid scheme. While initially it was about the so-called electric cars with increased cruising range – those in which the internal combustion engine rotates the wheels, and only produces energy for recharging on the go. Two years later at the same show, the head of the Department of power plants Ichiro Hirose has announced the system XEV – rotor, electric motor and generator combined into one compact module. This design is suitable for moderate and “female” hybrids.

Judging by the recent hints “Mazda”, now she’s back to the idea of using a rotary motor as a “range extender”. He can make his debut on “long-range” version of the crossover MX-30 – the first serial electric vehicle company, which has received only a small battery with a modest reserve.

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