Mazda RX-8 again spotted at the Nurburgring

Mazda RX-8 again spotted at the Nurburgring


Mazda returned to the famous track, to perhaps experience a new rotary engine or a new car.

This is not the first time we see the prototype of the Mazda RX-8 on the Nurburgring, the same test car was spotted this summer and is very similar almost two years ago. Surprisingly, the Japanese manufacturer returned to the legendary track with the same car, and this fact raises one important question — what makes Mazda’s RX-8?

There are several possible answers, and one of them is what we want to believe — the automaker is developing a new rotary engine. Patent images taken earlier in the year 2019, shows that Mazda is probably working on a new rotary unit, but nothing in this prototype does not actually alluding to the fact that it uses a version of this new motor. Yes, the front is camo, but it probably means to divert attention from the main.


Given that this is an old test instance, there is another more likely option. The icon “L” on the rear window of the prototype, according to the YouTube user with the nickname MrZed0815, indicates that the car does a new driver developer who is currently undergoing training — and this theory makes much more sense. Recall that in the prototype, seen in July this year, there was the icon “L”.

The speculations say that the company is Mazda working on new rotary sports car will be released in 2021. Unfortunately, the appearance of this prototype gives no grounds to believe that it’s true.

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