Mazda started to produce and sell spare parts for the legendary Miata

Mazda started to produce and sell spare parts for the legendary Miata


To help enthusiasts to preserve as much “live” copies of the Roadster the Miata first generation, Mazda has started to produce original parts for it.

The Japanese automaker conducted its own research, talked with representatives of specialized shops and services, and also with the Miata clubs to find out what kind of details are required in the first place. Then, using contractors and private providers started the production of original spare parts for cars.


The Director-General of the North American division of Mazda, Masahiro Moro said that the Miata remains an important model in the brand’s history, and still has a huge army of fans who over the years only increases. Therefore, for Mazda it is especially important to preserve its heritage and to do everything possible for as long as possible to maintain this culture and to see as many “Miata” on the roads.

A list of available equipment consists of 42 pages. It includes all possible details from tiny plugs and valves to the brake components and suspension and body panels. They look exactly the same as the original components, but made by modern methods.

In late March, a similar project launched by Nissan. In the framework of the Nismo Heritage the company began to produce components for the RB26DETT engine, which was mounted on three generations of the legendary sports car Skyline.

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