Mazda will abandon the novelties for the next two years

Mazda will abandon the novelties for the next two years


Over the next two years, Mazda will refrain from releasing new models or updates to existing, to develop a new platform.

According to the publication Nikkei Asian Review, the Mazda intend to take a break for a couple of years to wait like with the new models and restyling the current one. It is necessary for the company to prepare for a fairly massive upgrade of model range, which is provided in the new development strategy of the brand in the coming years. According to the plans, which became known after the publication of the investor report to Mazda, the Japanese plan to 2023 to develop a new RWD platform and a few inline-six-cylinder engines – both gasoline and diesel, and hybrid system.


It is assumed that the appearance of Mazda’s larger, more modern models on this new platform with the inline “sixes” will allow the brand to go into the category of premium brands and to compete on equal terms at least with Lexus and Infiniti, and in the future – even with the German “big three”. However, the implementation of such an ambitious strategy will require the company to considerable resources, so the Japanese decided to focus on the future instead of wasting time and money on the existing lineup.

The Mazda made the right decision?

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