McDonald’s new service will be available for motorists

McDonald’s new service will be available for motorists


The famous chain of fast food restaurants McDonald’s expands its services. Now it is possible not only to eat himself, and “feed” your electric car.

McDonald’s strives to create maximum comfort for their visitors and to be at least a step ahead of the competition. That is why the company launched a network of charging stations for electric cars that are gaining popularity around the world and are steadily replacing cars with internal combustion engines.


The first charging stations McDonald’s has equipped its restaurants in Sweden, where electric cars are in high demand. Already open 55 outlets across the Scandinavian country. However, this service is not free, but has a per-minute rate. To all visitors know about its availability and cost, McDonald’s made the service on iconic signs, along with the “Happy meal” and “big Mac”. According to representatives of McDonald’s, the company does not intend to stay in the near future the number of stations in Sweden will increase to 168.

When you consider that at McDonald’s there are network standards in restaurants in all parts of the world, it can be assumed that in a short time the charging stations will appear in Ukraine.

What do you think, how soon this service will get to us?

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