McDonald’s to help Nissan popularize GT-R Nismo among children

McDonald’s to help Nissan popularize GT-R Nismo among children


Just think, Nissan GT-R in its current form has been known to us since 2007! Of course, the appearance was corrected, the technique was updated, but the essence remained the same. The future of the two-door is still vague – in the coming years, the car is predicted to switch to a hybrid power plant, but most likely it will not become a fundamentally new coupe. Nevertheless, interest in the existing interpretation still needs to be maintained – the mission is entrusted to the Nissan GT-R Nismo of a special series. And to help the sports car fight for popularity in the home market, starting from April 30, there will be McDonald’s Tomica Happy Sets with little G-T’s inside.

The “special version” of the novelty, if you can call it that, is painted in Nismo Stealth Gray. As conceived by the manufacturer, the shade should remind of the asphalt, where the GT-R set its records. Rays wheels are 20 “forged aluminum.

Part of the details, for example the hood, is devoid of a layer of paint and is covered only with a protective varnish. They say that it is not only beautiful, but also useful – it saves 100 grams of vehicle weight. The boot lid bears the new Nissan logo, which debuted on the Ariya crossover.

The VR38DETT twin-turbo six with a volume of 3.8 liters produces the same 600 hp. and 652 Nm as its predecessor. However, the company notes that for the announced series, the quality control of the production of connecting rods, cranks, piston rings, crankshaft, flywheel and valve springs has been tightened – more attention is paid to balancing. It is promised that now the motors made by the takumi craftsmen will gain momentum faster. The brakes are the same (carbon-ceramic discs with a diameter of 410 mm at the front and 380 at the rear), but this time marked as the largest installed on Japanese sports cars. Home sales of two-doors are slated to start in October 2021.

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