McGregor drove 21.000 km on electric bike from Harley-Davidson

McGregor drove 21.000 km on electric bike from Harley-Davidson


In September, on the video platform Apple TV+ premiere of the documentary series, Long Way Up, which shows the journey of actor Ewan McGregor and his friend Charley Boorman on an electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire. The route of travel, held in 2019, took place in South America.

McGregor has repeatedly involved in the travel on motorcycles, but until now, he used gasoline equipment. This time they with a companion drove almost 21 thousand kilometers, across 16 national borders, visited 13 countries and finished in California.


The journey took 100 days, so it is easy to calculate that the average daily mileage was 210 kilometers. At the same time on a single charge LiveWire can go up to 235 km in the urban cycle. Heroes, however, probably was driving faster, so they had to charge not only at night but during the day.

Directly on way daily recharging doesn’t say, but company of heroes was a film crew in pre-production pickups Rivian. Last first have in ourselves a power reserve of more than 500 kilometers, and secondly, from them it is possible to charge other electric vehicles.

He Rivian posted a video about this journey.

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