McLaren 570S vs Porsche 911 Turbo vs Audi R8 V10

McLaren 570S vs Porsche 911 Turbo vs Audi R8 V10


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welcome to the mclaren 570s and it’s friends the 570s is MacLaren’s entry-level car it uses the same carbon fiber tub and 3.8 liter twin-turbo v8 as the p1 and 650 s but here to tune to 562 horsepower simpler suspensions and no active aerodynamics keep the price down to one hundred and forty three thousand pounds some McLaren for clarity’s sake have now got this three-tier range and it does feel a lot more sensible if you like you’ve got the 570 in the forthcoming 540 there the Sport Series then you have the 650 in the 675 which are the Super Series and then at the top of the range yet the ultimate cars the ultimate series which is the p1 and the p1 GTR but reading up on this car what struck me most wasn’t all the technical stuff it was the acceleration times which are to the tenth of a second exactly the saves of the times for the McLaren f1 20 years ago I never thought anything would be as quick as their car and yet now MacLaren’s entry-level car can do nought-60 in 3.2 unto 125 in nine and a half and then that’s astonishing it makes it the fastest of these three quite happily but the advantage of the carbon tub and the other weight saving measures that McLaren have made with this car is that you’ve got a lot less weight it weighs about 150 kilos less I think than the Audi and that’s a big big difference it means down roads like this on tight roads it feels very wieldy and agile I think it’s the steering that really sets this car apart you know exactly where you are with it all the time just hope you through here in the Porsche you’d be managing all the weight transfer in the McLaren it just goes where you point it and you’d imagine that this this sort of immediacy to it would mean that it rode really poorly but it does I have to say this sharp turbo it’s got it just picks up a bit quicker and makes you hold on for high revs it’ll revved over 8,000 but it’s not a spiky car the McLaren it has this immediacy and sharpness to the chassis the way they’ve managed a way that the turbos come in is very very clever Dean this is the second generation Audi r8 now available only with a v10 engine this particular car is the plus which has shorter gears and firmer suspension to go with its 602 horsepower naturally aspirated motor the v10 is so smooth that it doesn’t seem to have to work hard to give you its performance it just sort seems to be this very sort of progressive and undramatic engine it’s a very good-natured car the Audi it’s very soothing there’s no sort of edges to its performance it’s got this little bit of push understeer just to let you know that you’re somewhere near the living through it’s not quite as marked as it isn’t the McLaren and it feels very agile for such a big heavy car we always have a go at Audis exterior design and I’m afraid I’m going to do it again here if this one all it looks like is it looks about 10 percent longer and about 10 percent wider and I know the edging is a little bit sharper and that sort of thing but to my mind it just seems to have got a fraction more bloated the opposite of that whiteness which i think is good is there’s a lot more width to the cabbage and there is in the McLaren and while McLaren has made progress with its interior design it’s not a patch on the Audi it’s really beautifully laid out and the sort of materials and craftsmanship on display put you in mind of solve a German Pagani in a weight one of the things with a naturally aspirated engine of course is that you actually have to use the revs and above about 5,000 it’s really there we go takes off but below there if you get caught out of gear then you will get left for dead by the McLaren and the pause we compare with McLaren which has got such an intuitive chassis and gearbox and engine and the whole way it works together it feels really really good this just doesn’t quite have the same cohesiveness I don’t think the Porsche 911 Turbo gave us the concept of the everyday supercar it’s still a mighty machine with a flat six twin turbo engines slung out behind the rear axle developed in 552 horsepower and in front of it four seats and four wheel drive so I think it’s quite easy sometimes to take the 911 turbo for granted because you see them around a lot it’s relatively tall it looks a bit sort of more everyday than the others and yet you get it on a good road and really it still properly got the guts to get yourself down a road really fast and quite thrillingly you developed this technique with it where you dive it in on the brakes of it and just build up the power and off it goes it’s all about managing the turbos the turbos absolutely dominate the Porsche experience but it’s such an easy car to live with the Porsche you’ve got the lovely upright ade pillows and this big panoramic windscreen you sit a bit higher in it it feels very manageable you’re very comfortable in all the switch gears on familiar German engineering and quality but it hasn’t got the same a immediacy of the chassis because it weighs that bit more as the McLaren and it doesn’t have the same sort of steering response the McLaren steering is a bit of a highlight actually but I think it’s got the measure of the RA I really do if the 570s isn’t as easygoing as its rivals but it’s happy enough buidling about and when you do want to put the hammer down it’ll reward and excite in a way that neither rival can learn it’s our number one

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