McLaren 720S collected from Lego in two years

McLaren 720S collected from Lego in two years

Author channel Charbel”s LEGO TECHNIC Creations have shown how from a set of Lego Technic you can collect a large-scale copy of the McLaren 720S. For the construction of the model took him two years.

Build quality model “McLaren” much like the branded Lego sets. For example, can be transformed into a Lancia Stratos Lego Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS. A long time spent on the building, due to a lack of instruction and the actual fit of the design elements to each other.


Coupe, made in scale 1:8, got a lift door “butterfly wings”, active rear spoiler, independent suspension, modular chassis, opening hood, working steering, eight-speed sequential gearbox and even swivel the display in the cabin as the original. In the next two months, the author of the project promises to lay out instructions for the Assembly of such a machine.

One of the most complex Technic sets consists of 3599 detail. This model hypercar Bugatti Chiron with an active rear wing, wheels with low profile tires, detailed cockpit with movable paddle shifters and a W16 engine with moving pistons.

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