McLaren 720S GT3X review | A crazy 750bhp no limits GT3 racer that can’t race + Stig Lap

McLaren 720S GT3X review | A crazy 750bhp no limits GT3 racer that can’t race + Stig Lap


Meet McLaren’s deadliest track day motor, the 720S GT3X. This very car won the Goodwood Hill shootout at the Festival of Speed earlier in the summer. Beat everything. So the GT3X is clearly very, very fast indeed. But what’s the point in a 750bhp no limits GT3 racer that can’t race? Well, Magazine’s Ollie Marriage strapped himself in to find out. Then we strapped Stig in to see how fast it really is. Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

you recognize this it’s mclaren 720s it’s a few years old now but it remains an astonishingly fast car so fast in fact that were you to line it up next to the gt3 racing car and have a drag race this would leave the racer standing which is wrong isn’t it because a racing car shouldn’t just be faster around corners it should be faster everywhere and happily enough mclaren agrees because it’s built a faster racing car in fact it’s mclaren’s fastest car this side of lando’s ride this mad looking thing is the 720s gt3 x the car that won the goodwood hill shootout this year which is useful as hill climbs are something it can compete in actual races though nope that’s right mclaren has built a racing car that can’t race which is a bit of an odd one now you carry on having a look around it i’m going gonna go and put my romper suit on what we have here is a no limits gt3 car the aero package and suspension is largely carried over but there’s a whole different engine in the back although confusingly that is shared with the road car the twin turbo v8 develops the same 720 horsepower and 568 pound-foot outputs but boasts a blueprinted cylinder head strength and pistons and a lightweight exhaust system the gearbox breaks and just about every other component are from the racing car and all the body panels are carbon the options list include such niceties as a drink system a straw rather than a cabinet full telemetry and a silenced exhaust ninety percent of the components are changed from the road car one of them isn’t the windscreen wiper that’s carried over all in all it is a very serious piece of kit so it’s just as well the driver looks like a toddler heading to bed let’s see if we can get into this with any dignity shall we let that off and squeeze through that’s not too bad actually but then this isn’t really designed for racing drivers as such it’s designed for people who a standard 720s isn’t quite fast enough that’s a different breed anyway right let’s see steering wheel on like that that’s nice lots of buttons and switches to play with not a lot of space do however have a passenger seat no one from the top gear team wanted to come out with me though oh well sodom this is always the most nerve-wracking bit startup’s easy getting this thing rolling they’ve said give it plenty of revs and get going and that was all right actually so i’ll let you into a little secret a gt3 car isn’t actually that fast but to make the racing even they all have to carry extra ballast and they limit the turbo boost they can run the braking and the cornering are astonishing but when you come out of corners it feels a bit like you’ve got the handbrake on this is the gt3 car let off the leash completely so it uses the road cars engine but in a completely different state of tune because they don’t need it to be nice and tractable they just need it to be a bit mad and also i’ve got a little button on the steering wheel labeled ptp push to pass and that unlocks a little bit more power another 30 horsepower for 750 in total but apart from the engine everything else comes from the gt3 racing car so you’ve got this fabulous extract gearbox and these amazing alcon brakes which when it all gets hot the power they produce is just astonishing and there’s just so much grip and precision and nothing should change direction like this but that’s because it doesn’t weigh much it doesn’t have to weigh a normal gt3 car it’s all ballasted up this thing is only just over 1200 kilos and it’s got 750 horsepower which let’s face it that’ll do it just goes through so cleanly so well you feel the car move around a bit but it’s so well done and then that’s that’s pure gt3 that’s a racing car that’s had a proper amount of budget and money poured into it but the problem is you can’t race it so this is not the clarence first rodeo with this type of car it’s very similar to what they’ve done before with the senna gtr and the p1 gtr it’s a track only hyper car the difference mclaren says is that this car comes from the race team rather than the road car program it’s built in a bay at race hq rather than trundling down the production line mclaren says it’s a very different experience to the cena gtr but for most of us that’s semantics the difference more one of mclaren’s internal politics than actual driving difference i’ve driven a seller gtr this is less powerful no lighter and yet feels even more intense but both are fighting it out in the same small pond which is faster mclaren says this is by several seconds a lap so want to see how fast it can really go course you do um uh you

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