McLaren 720S vs McLaren P1: Series 25 | BBC

McLaren 720S vs McLaren P1: Series 25 | BBC


Chris Harris finds out how close the McLaren 720s can get to its big brother, the McLaren P1? Full boxsets of Series 24 & 25 available on iPlayer (UK): Taken from : Series 25, Episode 2Series 24: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

800,000 pounds 900 horsepower and quick around this track than the laferrari and the 918 spyder so the question is just how close can the 720s get to its big brother the reigning champion need to laugh the p1 again I’m so fast like that so same conditions for both cars one flying lamp that’s all the breaking I’ve got I get it through my locker and stiffer home police of the new code you get any Wendy to it don’t buy more than the 720 asses got everything finally oh yeah doesn’t get much better than that for me at a time okay so I think that is a good time and I struggled to see how the 720 can get anywhere near it so one 54.7 I mean that’s mighty fast around here yes take the car fast make no mistake to even get within sight of the p1 the 720s has its work cut out and it does feel faintly ridiculous to even think this relatively normal series production car and get anywhere near it to push one don’t overcook it oh my god p1 lightens it down the straights Larry it’s about but now right now it feels about that there we go right let’s have a look what’s done so p1 did one 54.7 I know it monster this in a straight line but it was so good so can have the lap time please 155 point two so half a second off so it was half a second slower that’s remarkable do you half a second on your stopwatch get your watch and go bang bang and look at how long half a second is remember the p1 is 600,000 pounds more expensive than this car imagine going to the bank Leonard and say God borrow 600 grand please so I can go half a second quicker I think I just saved the cash the 720’s is the next stage of supercar evolution a step forward so great it’s difficult to make sense of in conventional terms now in the world of computers there’s something called Moore’s Law which observes that every two years the power of a micro chip doubles moore’s law is why your new smartphone is so much better than your last one and the 720’s well it’s Moore’s law for fast now I know 200 thousand pounds is an awful lot of money but looking at another way in just four years the cost of going McLaren p1 fast has caught but makes this 720’s a complete bargain a brilliant British bargain you

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