McLaren Elva can now be used on public roads

McLaren Elva can now be used on public roads


Since this year, the speedster has received a windshield, which made it only 20 kg heavier, but allowed it to be sold in some American states.

The new version of the McLaren Elva speedster is designed for customers “who prefer a physical screen,” rather than the air barrier created by Elva’s innovative standard active air management system (AAMS). It will also allow Elva to be perfectly legal to travel on public roads in some US states.

A special engineering program is said to have provided optimized aerodynamic performance and handling for this variant of the model, but is otherwise mechanically identical to the existing vehicle. There is no roof, no side windows, no rear window.

McLaren claims the new Elva weighs just 20kg more than the standard car, despite the installation of automatic wipers, a heating element for the windshield, sun visors and washers. This is largely due to the fact that the windshield frame is made of carbon fiber and the speedster’s AAMS system has been removed.

The dynamic performance has not yet been published, but it can be expected to closely match the performance of the existing Elva. Deliveries to customers will begin towards the end of 2021.

McLaren previously announced that it will produce just 249 units of the ultra-exclusive Elva speedster, up from the originally planned 399 units. The decision, confirmed by CEO Mike Flyitt in an interview with The Australian Financial Review, is said to have been taken as a means of increasing the car’s rarity. However, Autocar sources suggested that McLaren overestimated the market demand for the model, so a decision was made to cut production.

McLaren claims the RWD Elva is the lightest road car ever produced. Equipped with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in a ridiculous 2.8 seconds – faster than the track-oriented Senna.

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