McLaren Elva, which can be built with his hands

McLaren Elva, which can be built with his hands


Lego has officially unveiled the McLaren Elva Speed ​​Champions set. Unlike the original $ 1.69 million open-top supercar, Lego’s version of the British speedster will cost you just £ 17.99, or around $ 25 at current exchange rates.

The McLaren Elva Lego model featured in the 2021 Lego Speed ​​Champions collection measures 4cm high, 16cm long and 7cm wide.

This playset contains 263 pieces, including a minifigure inspired by McLaren Automotive chief engineer Rachel Brown, complete with helmet, racing suit and wrench.

Of course, the McLaren Elva Lego model reflects the design of a real car, which means that it has no roof, windshield and windows. Elva’s Active Air Traffic Control System (AAMS) is also integrated into the design along with the British supercar’s two-seater cockpit.

“Since childhood, I dreamed of driving and testing cars, and I still cannot believe that this is part of my job. I hope this inspires other young people to pursue their passions and pursue careers in automotive or design and engineering, ”said Rachel Brown.

Brown also worked on the McLaren Senna GTR and thus the design and construction of the Lego Technic McLaren Senna GTR, released in January this year.

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