Mclaren has announced another hardcore supercar

Mclaren has announced another hardcore supercar


On the basis of race coupe build car for public roads: 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds.

The latest coupe from McLaren will get the index of the 620R will be the most powerful road-going representative of the “available” family Sport Series. Position new product planning as a hardcore modification of the well-known 570S, and the design uses the solution from GT4 racing 570S.

The supercar will maintain the traditional McLaren’s 3.8-liter turbocharged V8, but the impact will rise compared to 570S almost 50 HP to 620 HP and so many of the same Newton-meters of torque. It was achieved through manipulation of the supercharging system and a reconfiguration control unit. Accordingly, now coupe able to gain 200 km/h in 8.1 seconds, while the 570S it takes to 9.5 p.

However, it is not only to increase the capacity of the motor. Supercar reworked aerodynamics, putting in the forefront the ability of the dynamic acceleration (maximum of 322 km/h) and dropped three dozen kilograms of excess weight: the dry weight of the McLaren 620R is now 1 282 kg. And the new aerodynamic elements (including a giant adjustable rear wing) is able to generate up to 185 kg of downforce at speeds of 250 km/h.


To stop the new McLaren will be at the expense of the brakes with 390-mm carbon-ceramic discs forged aluminum calipers and different size wheels (19 and 20 inches) will be possible optionally to provide the track with slicks instead of the standard Pirelli P Zero R.

In the interior there will be sports seats with carbon shestietazhnyj belts, special decor and specialty telemetry system. For the decoration of the body, there are three original options – black-orange, white-orange and orange-white.

The British plan to release only 350 copies of this coupe, and will sell each at a price of 299 000 dollars. Production should start in January.

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