McLaren retained its independence

McLaren retained its independence


A day earlier, the German edition of Automobilwoche named Audi and BMW as potential buyers of McLaren. Moreover, in the case of BMW, the German side was allegedly ready to acquire only the supercar production business, while Audi was considering buying a McLaren together with the Formula 1 team of the same name. In a conversation with Autocar, the British company did not confirm information about a possible transfer to Audi’s control. BMW also commented on the situation.

“There have been no changes in McLaren’s ownership structure,” a McLaren spokesman said. At the same time, he stressed that the company’s strategy “has always provided for the possibility of cooperation with third-party suppliers and car manufacturers.”

Audi did not comment on the rumors about the purchase of the British brand, but Reuters, citing its own sources, said that the German side “is constantly looking for partnership options.” As for BMW, in a conversation with Automotive News, a spokesman for the Bavarian brand said that “the information about the purchase of McLaren is incorrect.”

Meanwhile, according to Automobilwoche’s own information, at the beginning of December, Audi and BMW had to submit their proposals for the acquisition of McLaren to the Bahrain fund Mumtalakat, which owns 42 percent of the shares of the British company.

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