MCLAREN SHOWDOWN: P1 vs 720s, Speedtail vs F35, 600LT vs Ferrari Pista

MCLAREN SHOWDOWN: P1 vs 720s, Speedtail vs F35, 600LT vs Ferrari Pista


As the (relative) new kids on the block, Chris Harris has pitched McLarens against all sorts of competition to show off their capabilities. We’ve had 600LT against Ferrari 488 Pista. We’ve had Speedtail against on one of the RAF’s F35 jets. And we even raced a McLaren 720s against… well… a McLaren – the P1 hypercar. Here are some of our favourite McLaren Showdowns. Which is yours? Series 28: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team? #Mclaren #topgear

the mclaren e1 800 000 pounds 900 horsepower and quicker around this track than the la ferrari and the 918 spider so the question is just how close can the 720s get to its big brother the reigning champion well to find out obviously i need to lap the p1 again i’m selfless like that so same conditions for both cars one flying lap here goes after the 720s power is completely addictive i can’t believe that the new car can get anywhere near to it he’s got everything more just so violent oh yeah it doesn’t get much better than that for me okay the time for the p1 was a 1 54.7 154.7 okay so i think that is a good time and i struggle to see how the 720 can get anywhere near it so 154.7 i mean that’s mighty fast around here yes hypercar fast make no mistake to even get within sight of the p1 the 720s has its work cut out i mean it does feel faintly ridiculous to even think that this relatively normal series production car can get anywhere near it all right let’s start to push hard into turn one don’t overcook it get on the gas early use all the curb p1 bludgeons it down the straights but this is closer than i it’s expected man right now now it feels wrong to be pulled out there you can do it you can do it there we go right let’s have a look what’s it done so p1 did 154.7 i know it monstered it in a straight line but this was so good so gonna have the lap time please the 720 did it in a 1 55.2 155.2 so half a second off so it was half a second slower that’s remarkable the mclaren 600 lt this is the latest car to get mclaren’s long tail treatment it gets a twin turbocharged 3.8 liter v8 and like the pista its main focus is the track but with over 100 horsepower less than the ferrari and starting at 65 000 pounds cheaper it shouldn’t really be a rival at all here’s the thing though a couple of years ago mclaren gave us the 720s that was supposed to be a rival for the ferrari 488. but in reality it was so much more advanced and so much faster than the ferrari it might as well have come from another planet and now there’s this 600 lt which might be 65 000 pounds cheaper than the pista but i’m not sure it’s 65 000 pounds less car i reckon this could be very close oh he’s got he’s gone look at him go come on what are we doing he’s pulling away 65 grams does buy you a bit more straight line performance 180 over the line okay it’s quicker but it’s not night and day it’s not nine day and it’s not like mclaren has been any less committed to the details the long tail is nearly a hundred kilos lighter than the 570s on which it’s based the windscreen is two millimeters thinner saving grams they’ve even reworked the exhaust to exit straight out the top for less piping and more flame mclaren has gone to town on this car bigger carbon ceramic brakes new springs new dampers revised anti-roll bars and for me mclaren is still the master of the supercar cabin i get a great view straight down onto the road i can see the top of the wings there it means it’s light airy it’s not intimidating by supercar standards it’s pretty good value looks like someone wants to play now we know he’s got more straight lines speed than me i’m not convinced he’s more agile look at that a ferrari just a great big 700 horsepower drift machine it’s an accurate car this wants to carve up corners the whole thing to me feels better connected the ferrari’s got the speed but i’m getting more entertained here special car you don’t come across these very often pasta baby with the engineers now pouring over every detail of their machines before the race suffice to say both teams were taking things seriously and with final checks complete it was time to take to the track well that’s fairly intimidating wow what a piece of kit f35 versus speed tail it’s the coolest thing i’ve ever done look at the thing it just looks like an engine with a person strapped to the front of it christopher are you ready as i’ll ever be here we go then ready steady go i’m off where’s the jets where’s the germs come on mr mclaren come on mr mcmahon turn two okay here we go last corner oh oh he’s ahead wayne’s going to do the big loop here this is where we’ll get our time where is where is he i can see the f-35 got it got it that is one of the coolest pieces of engineering i’ve ever seen if i’m gonna lose to anyone i’m gonna lose to that

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