McLaren’s birthday present to me – 720s!!!

McLaren’s birthday present to me – 720s!!!


It’s my birthday and McLaren invited my down to Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi to test the 720s both on track as well as on the Skid Pad, where we explore the variable drift control. Of course I need to have a tan & my gold shoes with me :-)

it’s your birthday we’re gonna party like it’s your birthday Oh espadrille yeah I thought you your fans keep saying your key way of saying see ya no no you’re not that is not true I’ve got a pool party tonight so there is a tent in my living room that makes sense right so I look like cheese and I get a lot of comments saying I’m the widest girl in Dubai that’s probably true so I’m gonna get a tan they bring this tent to your place and you stand in there and they spray you and then you’re done you go from cheese to chocolate isn’t that awesome five minutes later look how dark I am I’m gonna let it sit for about I don’t know what an hour two hours maybe three hours see how dark I can get and then I’m gonna go to the party you have some fun getting to the zombies birthday pool time hang on hang on alright counting down the hours until I can actually have a birthday drink because today in the UAE it is dry absolutely no alcohol so anyway in the country and it’s on my birthday well planned think about 6:00 p.m. tonight so I can have a birthday drink so I’m just gonna chill out by the pool for a little while and then we’re heading down to Abu Dhabi for a McLaren event it’s pretty nice I’m over hey hey oh my god it’s so busy at the pool today it’s a public holiday can’t find a space anywhere 38:30 I’m just extremely happy because she lost getting up early in the morning to get things done get her day started right maybe you know so we’ll thread it carefully this morning for now until she sits in that McLaren and then she’s really happy so she meant to be ready in ten minutes somewhat doubt it this is the day after my birthday and actually get eight in the morning well you look so pretty no I don’t we’re just about to head down to Abu Dhabi for the McLaren event and my ia currently looks like Miss mm meant to be super cool just tearing off like a part of your rap and leaving it as is so we haven’t had time to take it in and get it professionally unwrapped and this is the only car we have this weekend so we have to drive around with it half rap driving back with the car looking like this fine embarrassing so we’ve got to now rip off the Hulk and then once we’ve ripped off the front panel we’re gonna take it into the guys who did the rap so they can professionally remove it and then we can either get another app or just see what we’re gonna do oh it doesn’t look too bad I suppose it’s kind of embarrassing because you can see it all ripped off Google is oh well off we go a soft-serve ice cream what a soft-serve ice cream there’s the ones you get at McDonald’s that come out of yeah yeah very aerodynamic so these are my shoes for the track and then we’ve got one these races nice nice real dragon see you can see the air intakes and our behind the door and this starts from way down here drawing the air and in so one of the other things is when you have the doors open with the 720’s it’s not as wide as when you have the doors open with the 650s so they’re saying it’s a little bit easier to fit into parking places because it’s not as wide with the doors open it’s gonna be the guy krummy is the go-kart champion and international gt3 champion and the more I love I love the I’m leaving on the truck next session movie skid pads yes right so everything we would just seem and when you were like there is just no boss you know it’s just when you’re at 220 but dogs keep going okay this is wrong hey doing good so this is the car that you used to race it is indeed okay as you can see just behind us is the this is just so so anyway we’re gonna test our big very brief controllers a new function it’s in the 720’s you were saying is like 15 different stages right yes of what this feature does is it allows you to start from for protection so he has come to his beginner it’s a tornado are you in trouble it’s pretty good idea actually because in other cars it’s basically a border you can see there’s not it’s about the drift button it’s more like a traction system touch control system really where or let you let the variable slide at different amounts all the way down here so now what we do have is it’s a full mode The Fool is basically middle-of-the-road in sports and then our third run we’re gonna go to track and track and you’ll see that the footnote in there is just higher so it’s going to hit us slide a little bit more that the rear wheels slide and let us be able to play with it a little bit more I thought that was you driving all right Duncan let’s turn this baby on and then you can show me how to turn the traction so I just did Donuts in the 720’s context I left my mark can you see ego I left my marks here at the Yas Marina so much fun these guys are so cool love McLaren days that is my birthday weekend oh that’s it please like and subscribe to my channel and we see in the next one thanks guys

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