“Mechanics” and 4 pedals: a new car for driving schools

“Mechanics” and 4 pedals: a new car for driving schools


The Chinese automaker has unveiled an electric sedan for training in driving schools.

The BYD e3 electric car stands out for its imitation of a 5-step “mechanics” and four pedals. Three pedals enable learners of driving schools to master the “mechanics”, and the fourth acts as a backup brake for the car instructor.

In addition, the electric sedan has a 20% less battery capacity, which limits the range to 350 km.

Among the differences are additional rear-view mirrors, a duplicate horn button for the instructor and a fairly wear-resistant seat upholstery. It should be noted that experts doubt that such a novelty will be in high demand in the market. And the reason for its popularity is its price: BYD e3 is offered for 131,800 yuan.

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