Mechanics for electric cars

Mechanics for electric cars


Toyota is developing an imitation of “mechanics” for electric cars. Eight patents have been registered in the US that describe the technology of manual gear shifting on cars with an electric motor – engineers are ready to artificially limit the output of the power plant in order to return the clutch pedal, the traditional gear lever and even a virtual tachometer! The technology could be in demand on electric sports cars.

The description of Toyota’s patents makes it clear that the innovative system will not be “mechanical” in the full sense of the word – we are talking about a skillful electronic simulation of a manual transmission. But you can provide three modes of operation – fully automatic, manual without a clutch pedal and manual with a clutch pedal.

In order to endow the electric motor with unusual characteristics, you will have to add a whole scattering of sensors and controllers. Obviously, we are talking about creating special software that simulates the mapping of a gasoline engine.

The computer will monitor the correct shifting of speeds, and nothing prevents you from limiting the torque if the driver has not changed gear or turning off the engine if the clutch pedal is thrown too hard.

Whether the “fake” manual transmission will find application on production Toyota cars is unknown. However, synthetic sound that simulates the operation of an internal combustion engine already exists on many electric vehicles, and perhaps a transmission simulator will also take root in the future.

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