Mechanics without a clutch? And why not – decided in Hyundai

Mechanics without a clutch? And why not – decided in Hyundai


The first model of the Alliance with a manual transmission and the two pedals will be the crossover Hyundai Venue.

Cars with manual transmissions are gradually losing ground around the world. However, Hyundai-Kia seems to believe in the potential of a mechanical box and in the coming weeks will bring to the market a more convenient option.

It will happen in India. According to the local edition of Autocar, on the platform crossover Hyundai and KIA Sonet Venue in July will debut the latest box iMT – Manual Transmission Intelligent or “smart manual transmission”. With this box, the driver will not have to squeeze the clutch every time you switch, but this does not mean that transmission of this type is devoid of the clutch itself.


The fact that the operation of the clutch will be engaged hydraulic actuator commands which will give the unit control box. And to calculate the time when you need to open the clutch, the electronics will be through the so-called “gauge intentions.” In this case the driver to select gears with a traditional lever, but the throttle at the time of switching is no longer necessary.

In Hyundai claim that the new device combines the efficiency of conventional mechanics and comfort of the machine, but iMT still aimed at drivers who prefer to choose the right gear for themselves and not to trust the process electronics.

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