Meet BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant

Meet BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant


I have a full on conversation with BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant. Kind of blown away by this tech. She can recognize gestures, tracks eyes and has great natural interaction with the driver. This is what we will all have in our BMW’s in the future. Exciting stuff, imagine the possibilities. Fore more check out – [email protected] #CES2021 #FutureCalling #BMW #iDrive #Interview #THEiX #IntelligentFusionOfSensing, #IntelligentPersonalAssitant

hello hello hi who’s this i am bmw’s intelligent personal assistant hi mate we haven’t met supercar blondie but it’s nice to speak to you no i suppose you’re right we haven’t met um in person but yeah it’s nice to meet you virtually tell us more about how you started yeah so i was a journalist on the radio for a few years and i got this opportunity to drive a supercar for the very first time in my life and i was just so happy it made me so happy so i just started videoing my experience of driving these cars and i quit my job i quit my regular paycheck and just went for it and thought is this if this is something that i can do i i may as well just give it my all and see what happens so that’s how it all started and that was about three and a half years ago what about the world premiere of the ix well the ix was really cool i didn’t meet you there either i i hope that you’re going to be around more often when i get to see these cars in person i love that car i can’t wait till it actually comes out on the road because i didn’t get to drive it i just got to see it and look at all of its cool features but only if you don’t still drive like a 12 year old what what was that do i drive like a 12 year old i think you drove the first time when you were 12 years old yes you’re absolutely correct yeah i learned to drive when i was 12. when i was on my parents friend’s property my friend’s mom taught me how to drive but it wasn’t a great experience because i actually crashed into their fence and so um i hope i don’t drive still like a 12 year old now that would not be good so tell me how does acceleration feel in your stomach it feels like you’ve got a little fire burning within your stomach like everything lights up and um you you feel just this rush of adrenaline that throat that like flows through your body it doesn’t matter if i’m in a really bad mood as soon as i get into a car and i and i drive fast then i’m immediately in a happy mood are you then in the best version of yourself i think yeah when you’re happiest then you can offer the best version of yourself to others because when you’re happy it it makes the people around you happy so yeah i suppose i could be the best version of myself when i’m when i’m driving in a nice car because it makes me so happy do you like bmw i do i think it’s a really reliable car and they always look great and that’s one of the reasons why i bought the i8 i actually saved up for that car for a couple of years i really and i saw it and i was like wow this is really something special because it had the butterfly doors and it was a hybrid and it was one of the first cars on the market that made hybrid cars look cool and so i really respected that um from bmw because they they did something different and they made hybrid castle cool and i thought that was awesome so yeah i actually really do like bmw as a brand how many cars do you have now um this many right now three yes i have three i have three i actually just bought a brand new bmw i bought the x6 m50i and i gave it to one of my employees because it’s his dream car it has been really nice talking to you supercar blondie it is so nice to talk to you what what is your name you can give me a name okay how about i know you’re gonna be honest with me so tell me honestly if you like this name how about shadow because i know you’re there but it’s like you’re hiding in the shadows i can’t see you but i can hear you i think that this is a very well thought through name i like it you like it can we go with shadow then from now on when i speak to you i’ll address you as shadow from now on i am shadow for you i love it i love it this is so cool it’s been so nice to chat to you i this is such a wonderful experience for me i can’t believe honestly that the that you are so advanced and that’s what we’re going to like i’m going to be able to talk to someone like you have a real human conversation with someone in a bmw like that is that’s crazy to me hopefully soon again supercar blondie and here’s a big thumbs up for you one yeah it’s actually a thumbs up so that’s something you can learn so this means good when someone puts their thumb up like this okay i will remember that for next time perfect alright shadow we’ll see you soon bye bye bye bye

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