Meet the S-Class DIGITAL: “Luxury and comfort”

Meet the S-Class DIGITAL: “Luxury and comfort”


Modern luxury reaches the next level in the interior of the new S-Class. Designers created the atmosphere that creates a feeling of relaxation and lightness. Key focus – dashboard with new architecture, modern design and ergonomic layout of the display. A wide range of programs ENERGIZING Comfort like never care about the feelings of their passengers. The focus on health becomes even deeper thanks to the ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL – extremely efficient air filtration system that cares about the wellbeing of passengers in all situations.

The S – Class has always been the perfect companion for a comfortable travel and work. The new generation interior was completely transformed into a “second home”, a perfect location between home and work. Almost all the parameters that affect the comfort of both versions of the S-Class, with short or long wheelbase, has been improved for both front-and rear-row seats. The sense of space changed accordingly. This effect is complemented by a revolutionary interior design, including associations with the architecture and elements of interior design. In addition to the five screens, the key design accents include large trim elements on the dashboard and in the rear.

Led technology allows to implement interactive interior lighting: active interior lighting integrated in the driver assistance system and is able to visually highlight notice. For example, Active Blind Spot Assist warns of the danger of possible collision an animation of a red color. Also, feedback is possible, for example, the job change system the climate control or voice assistant “Hey Mercedes”.

In addition, ambient lighting is integrated into ENERGIZING Comfort Control. By pressing a button or voice command “Fit & Healthy”, the new flagship gives you the opportunity to access significantly improved the convenience system, as well as programs that integrate into the global network. At the same time, the system creates the appropriate atmosphere in the interior, for example, invigorates when tired or helps to relax in case of increased stress levels. ENERGIZING COACH offers an appropriate fitness program or rehabilitation based on data about the vehicle and the trip. It also takes into account information about the quality of sleep and level of stress in their intellectual algorithm, if the driver has a smartphone or wearing a fitness bracelet that can provide this information.

The new S-Class brings together a large number of the senses – vision, touch and hearing. They can be related to the areas of support, protection, cooperation and recovery. A special card allows you to investigate how the related senses and support areas in the car:

An overview of the main features:

  • New interior architecture and new concept of experience for an even more relaxing atmosphere
  • Large displays: Central display now oriented vertically
  • Exquisite d├ęcor elements are designed with smooth transitions and smooth lines
  • Minimalist modern interior
  • In the ambient lighting LEDs are located every 1.6 cm, only about 250 LEDs.
  • An updated program for the comfort of passengers (Refresh, Vitality, Warmth, Joy, Comfort)
  • Voice assistant “Hey Mercedes”: for Example, the voice command “I’m stressed” automatically activates the program “Joy” (“Joy”).
  • Takes into account information about the sleep quality and stress levels (if the driver has a fitness watch or a smartphone that supports the relevant feature)
  • A new air filtration system, is particularly effective against fine dust and odors
  • AIR BALANCE with ionizer and aroma for the S-Class
  • Comfortable seats with many control parameters and many details of comfort, and a completely new head
  • For the first time in the S-Class seats kinetic ENERGIZING: Support orthopedic reposition the seat using the momentary change of the angle of the seat cushions and backrests
  • Seat function climate control now with radial fans
  • Function of massage pillow: six air chambers
  • Massage function: air chambers in the seats located closer to the surface, closer to the passenger. As a result, the massage is better felt
  • For better sound speakers built into the front seats near the ears, which greatly optimizes the sounds in the environment
  • All seat difference in the quality of the AGR (Healthy Spine Campaign, “Campaign for healthy backs”)
  • Up to five options for the design of the rear seats with a choice of two and three seats feature reclining seats, a folding armrest or console of the business center

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