Mercedes 190 was buggy. And you knew about it?

Mercedes 190 was buggy. And you knew about it?


These days its 30th anniversary celebrates probably the most rare variant of the Mercedes-Benz 190. In 1990, the sedan Mercedes turned into an electric car.

In electric cars have turned a few Mercedes 190. They tested the sodium-sulfur and sodium-Nickel-chloride battery. They’re better than lead batteries, but worse than lithium ion (which had not then appeared).


During the tests one of the electric cars overcame the 100 thousand km 1991 Mercedes 190 electric vehicle revealed at the Geneva motor show – brought back a version with two motors with a total power of 44 BHP and sodium-Nickel-chloride batteries.

In 1992-1996 ten electric Mercedes 190 participated in consumer tests of electric cars. Then the sedan was written off and passed to the more advanced prototypes.

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