Mercedes-AMG GT R turned into a speedster

Mercedes-AMG GT R turned into a speedster


The Mercedes-AMG GT R sports car was left without a windshield and front struts, while it got a special protective arch in the spirit of Formula 1 racing cars.

This bold project is called the Bussink GT R SpeedLegend, and was initiated by a German designer. The specialists of the local company HWA AG helped him to bring the idea to life. The choice is logical, as this firm specializes in the creation of racing cars and is a long-term partner of Mercedes-Benz in motorsport.

The “Formula” bail bar was named Speedbow. For its manufacture, they chose light and durable carbon fiber, and decided to put ambient lighting on the lower part. Carbon fiber made “gills” in the front fenders and reinforced arches behind the headrests of the seats.

After such an alteration, the weight of the sports car dropped by one hundred kilograms at once, when compared with a conventional roadster. Equipped with a newly minted V8 speedster engine with two four-liter turbines, and its output was increased to 850 horsepower. That’s 265 hp. more factory impact.

Unfortunately, it is not reported how the dynamic characteristics of the German sports car have changed.

A total of five of these will be released by a motorist and each bond will have its own body shade. How much the powerful Mercedes-AMG GT R speedster will cost is not yet clear: prices have not yet been announced.

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