Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe | Chris Harris Drives

Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe | Chris Harris Drives


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Now, everyone knows what an S63 is. Its Mercedes' bigfoot or saloon car
that will go a zillion miles an hour. But very few people know about this car. It's the S63 coupé
and it's kind of forgotten amongst the hordes of Porsche's
and Lamborghini's and Bentley's that operate in that price range. But I'm telling you this might be
one of the best cars on sale. Of course, it's not cheap. It's well over a £100,000
and with options. I don't admit how much this one is,
but it's the most beautiful product. Everything in here
is of the very best quality. It's on a shortened S-Class chassis
with air suspension and their familiar five and a half litre
twin turbocharged V8 which has been replaced by the four-litre
twin turbocharged V8 from the E63. It's confusing, I know. What I'm saying, I don't know of a car
that better combines speed and comfort and I've driven every car
that's supposed to do it. So how has Mercedes made
such a brilliant car and failed to tell everyone about it? Now, this is quite an old car.
In fact, it feels like a used car now, but the engine is the old-school
twin turbocharged V8, 5.5 litres, five hundred and eighty-five horsepower
and 664 foot-pounds of torque. It's a torque monster. The gearbox is a bit slower than it now is but this is the powertrain of choice
for this type of car. With the shorter wheelbase in an S-Class
it's a much, much more agile machine. I can't tell you how well-balanced it is
between comfort and speed. On UK roads this is the most impressive
GT car I've ever driven. I'll tell you what makes it so good. It's just the level of comfort, quietness, and general feeling
of not actually being in a car. But that demonstrates a big problem
making car videos, because there's no way of me saying,
listen to how quiet it is. Well, I'll do it now. That's my "isn't it quiet face". I'll now do my "ride comfort face". I mean, the right comfort is freakish.
I've never driven a car like it. You see stuff, your eyes say,
"Oh, that's a bump," and when you go over it, nothing happens. You get a little noise like that
and nothing happens. The cumulative effect of that silence
and that ride comfort is that you get out after a 3-hour journey
fresher than when you started. That doesn't happen in an Audi A8,
that doesn't happen in a BMW 7-series. It only happens in this car. And when you think about it, when you're stressed
and you've got lots to do, that's an incredible trick. But alongside the freakish levels
of comfort and lack of fatigue, this car it's riddled with toys. In fact, there's so much fun to be had
poking around the details of this car, I'll going to have to stop and show you. The S63 coupé is all about the details. It's often accused of looking just like
a slightly bigger C-Class or E-class coupé but it doesn't.
Look at these lights here. Those are individual LEDs and above them
are Swarovski crystals. This thing reads the road ahead. That's why it says
LED intelligent light system. You don't get that on a C-Class.
No, you don't. Come around the side here. Now the next time you see
one of these on the road, and if you do, because they're quite rare, look at that line down the side,
this sort of suede. It starts in front of the front wheel
and it comes all the way back. One line uninterrupted,
all the way back… to behind the rear wheel. It gives this lovely tension
down the side of the car. I think it's fantastic. It doesn't have swollen arches,
but it still looks really wide and punchy. The boot lid has this dock tail here
that's built into the metalwork and that does acts as a spoiler
and produces, well, reduces lift. What I love, is this extra crease here. So the line follows off the boot lid, and the rear panel here,
this rear quarter-panel, just has this little hint of a crease here
just to taper that line in. It's that level of detail that I find
fascinating about this car because people think it's just
a big Mercedes coupé, it isn't. It's totally separate
to all the rest of the range. That's why the little elements
in the rear heated screen are so small they're invisible.
They're not on a normal Mercedes. This is a reminder of the fact that Mercedes-Benz has always been
a maker of the finest cars in the world. And they can be quite expensive. Now any great luxury car cabin should be
full of toys and things to play with and this is one of the best. I think of all the features I've enjoyed
during 17,000 miles with this car, this is my favourite. The driver can control the passenger seat. Effectively it's like being in a DB5
and pretending you're James Bond. So you press left and you can just move your passenger
backwards, forwards, up, down. Look, I'll just say to the ceiling. Now, if you've got little people,
children, there's nothing better
than winding them up by just sending them up and down
and around. You can also control their heated seats
and you control their Airscarf. This thing has the fan heater that comes
into your neck like it does in an SL. So, effectively, you can warm and cool
the other person in the car in the front as much as you like. I love that. It's totally unnecessary,
but it's just great, great theatre. The seats themselves,
well, they couldn't be better Let's move that out the way of the camera.
Sorry about that Chris. I'll move that. Just demonstrating again
the brilliance of the S-Class coupé. The seat itself is so adjustable, I'll leave it Neil to show you
what happens on the screen, but you can have everything from active bolsters, passive bolsters,
move everything in and out, up, down, around about.
It is truly remarkable. If you can't get comfortable in this car
you can't get comfortable in any car. The only problem is if you're a short ass
like me, by the time you find
the right driving position some of the dials become obscured, in fact, pretty much cut off
by the top of the steering wheel, but that doesn't matter
as there's a Head-Up Display I can read on the screen, so that's fine.
I'll just use the HUD. There are two main screens here,
like there is in an S-Class. I can't really fault
the level of information. It is clear, precise, not too fancy, but just enough theatre to make me feel
I'm in something very expensive. The leather, look at the leather. This baseball glove,
thick designo brown leather, is fantastic. Other details I love. The Swarovski crystals, almost had
Swarovski right, I won't try it again. There's one here, okay. There's a crystal that sits on your cubby
when you open it, which I find… Well, it's a bit naff really, isn't it?
I'm not that into crystals. The centre armrest here is brilliant. This is classic Mercedes-Benz brilliance
because it opens both sides… But it does so the same way. How's that even possible
when there's no visible hinge? I still– I mean, what…
That's snake-oil, isn't it? It's incredible! These open here to give you a cup holder. The other thing I love is you fold that
down and it's where you get your CD, but it does mean you can't drink a drink
and take a CD out at the same time, which is an enormous failure
from Mercedes-Benz and I hope they look at that
for the facelift. What else have we got. All your buttons down here
for your chassis controls, for your gearbox to be sport,
manual or comfort, but most important of all,
is a little sign here on the tweeter. All the speaker covers are metal. There's one there for the surround sound,
and a few around here. The Burmesta hi-fi in this thing is
the best hi-fi I've ever heard in a car. There are subs down in the foot wells and then the top end comes
sort of seamlessly out above the scuttle. It sounds incredible. It's such a compromised environment and I know that there are companies
like Naim, that I love, for home hi-fi, making hi-fi's for other car manufacturers
and making lots of noise about it. Mercedes doesn't make any noise,
any PR noise, about the hi-fi in this car at all. but it is, unquestionably,
the best I've ever heard in a car. So, the combination of silence,
ride comfort, and sitting like you're in a live
music auditorium, makes for the most compelling
long-distance vehicle I've ever been in. There's room for two little people
in the back, I wouldn't say it's a genuine
full four-seater which is remarkable given it
casts a shadow of a 5-Series a bit more, but if you have the seats further forward you can get two grown-ups in the back,
but not really long ones, and not a long journey with them. The boot's a decent size
and the rear seats are heated as well. Bum warmers are critical, I think. As you can tell, I'm a bit enthusiastic
about it. I love it. I've lived with this for a long time
and it's amazing. Anyhow, enough of the static review,
let's head back out onto the road. The next S63 coupé trick
is size shrinking. This thing is a big, big, heavy old boat, but once you start threading it
down a road you wouldn't believe
how small it can feel. It never feels as small as a 3-Series, but you can really pound it down a road and, of course, that air suspension,
its compliance helps you when the surface gets choppy.
Mid-corner bumps, not a problem. You just keep pushing,
it keeps building speed. And you can actually enjoy
driving it fast. I mean that. You really can. In fact, it's so good to drive fast,
you can even do this with it. There's something so naughty
about big fast cars being driven in a city fashion. Let me just be quiet for a minute and let you watch
a well-over two-ton Mercedes-Benz sliding around a wet circuit
somewhere in Wales. But to me, it just looks magnificent. It's just the best car
no one's ever heard of. I like doing this. I've just completely **** the rear tyres.

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