Mercedes-Benz began designing the electrified G-Class

Mercedes-Benz began designing the electrified G-Class


The German company Mercedes-Benz has embarked on a project to create electrified “Gelendvagen”.

The top Manager of the manufacturer from Germany has informed that work on the design of the off-road model called the G-Class with a hundred percent elektrifizierung installation is already happening in full swing, therefore the output of electrovalve the cult of the SUV can be called a question a couple years.


It should be noted that representatives of the group from Germany at the moment are beginning to develop the debut of a prototype version of the eco-friendly “Gelendvagen”, which will be sent on trial runs. Ola Kallenius said that the G-Class has traditionally been associated with powerful V8 powerplants, but even in this variation, the SUV aims to be less harmful to the ecology of the planet. We will remind that last year the global implementation of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class has increased by 60 percent and reached 35 thousand cars.

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