Mercedes-Benz in response protrolili BMW

Mercedes-Benz in response protrolili BMW


The American division of BMW allowed myself to attempt to pry on Twitter his “sworn friend” – the company Mercedes-Benz, acting with a festive joke. The answer is not slow consequential. And this is perhaps the first in modern history where the BMW designers hinted at their, shall we say, obsessed with some details, not buyers, and a direct competitor.

BMW has published in social networks a picture of Mercedes-Benz, vibrant cover featuring Bavarian machine. This drawing was accompanied by the caption, which roughly translates as “Now any car can change into your favorite superhero”. Tweet staffed as a themed hashtag for Halloween and mention your account the American division of Mercedes-Benz.


In less than an hour followed by a reaction, and Mercedes to bring their idea to the opponent, do not even have to use visualization. Response tweet looked like this: “Nice try, BMW USA. It’s actually scary costume. Especially this grille…”

On this argument, in fact, had to close, as in the BMW, it seems, simply did not find the answer. Indeed, the Bavarian designers a rebuke for their too active attempts to experiment with the size of the grille. To grow she started with the emergence of a large crossover X7, then released an updated modification flagship sedan 7 series, and the concepts of the signature lattice sometimes reach unimaginable proportions.

At the same time, chief stylist BMW Adrian van Hooydonk already stated, what is the direction of evolution fits into the strategy and tactics of the company, and the design of the Bavarian cars just have to change that BMW has continued to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

A decent answer?

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