Mercedes-Benz is the home of a Ukrainian racer

Mercedes-Benz is the home of a Ukrainian racer


Autosalon Next Car, which sells exclusive cars, having presented the legend of Ukrainian motorsport Leonid Protasov at the sales of Mercedes-Benz GLA 2016. The price of the Nimetsky crossover is 24 900 dollars.

Mercedes GLA vikoristovuvsya sіm’єyu Protasov stretching out five different rocks. The car was delivered from Nimechchin in 2017 with a run of 15,000 km. During the whole period of exploitation, the owner will be able to service the car and save it in the garage.

Crossover perebuvaє at the vіdminnuyu stanі (the same body part was not fished, not changed). On the odometer, the current moment is 63,376 km.

Car version – 220 CDI 4Matic. This GLA is equipped with a 2.2-liter 170-horsepower diesel engine, a 7-band “robot” and a secondary drive. Up to the complete set included: a wide range of safety systems (decilka eyir-begiv, additional help during descent and during the descent, the function of active kerm and that with light in corners, in.), Contrasting lining of the wheels, multi-kermo, electric drive rear view camera, two-zone climate and in.

Leonid Protasov – star of Radyansky and Ukrainian motorsport, master of sports (1985), champion of the USSR in Kiltsian races (1985). In kar’єrі – from 1978 to rock. Having entered on VAZ-21011 cars, from 1986 to VAZ-2105, from 1989 to VAZ-2108. Narazi є Director of the Chaika Autodrome (Kiev, Ukraine). Also take part at once in the racing series MCGP on the VAZ 21011 1976 rock vipusku (class SPORT / Zhiguli 1600).

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