Mercedes-Benz is working on a 32 autonovelties by 2022

Mercedes-Benz is working on a 32 autonovelties by 2022


Mercedes-Benz has revealed a plan to release new products until 2022. It includes 32 models including many electric cars line EQ, a prolonged One, the new S-Class and C-Class, 20 plug-in hybrids and the expansion of the model range Smart.

Project One is a 1000 HP supercar with hybrid units from formula cars Mercedes W07 F1 Hybrid. He was supposed to appear earlier, but the date moved to 2021. The difficulty lies in the very power plant: adapt racing motor for a road car was not easy. However, the company is already taking orders for the new product: you have to make a Deposit in the amount of 500 thousand euros.

In the next two years the range of EQ replenished with serial incarnations of the earlier concepts of the EQA (the entry-level model on the basis of the GLA) and EQS (model, similar in size to CLS), and the new EQB, EQE, and EQG.

The development of this direction the company intends to spend 10 billion euros to the middle of the next decade to become the number one brand in the segment of electric vehicles.

Among the next Prime CLA and GLA with petrol-electric installations as well as the updated E-Class, which had previously been seen by the spies. All three novelties will present in March at the Geneva motor show.

Until the end of 2020 also will be equipped with 20 Mercedes-Benz models hybrid models with charging function. The range of plug-in hybrids will vary from budget to Executive A250e S560e.


In addition to these innovations, Mercedes-AMG is preparing a four-door coupe with a hybrid power plant, the returns of which will be at 800 HP. In addition, there are sports modification GT Black Series.

As for the Smart brand, which recently, in equal shares belongs to Mercedes-Benz and Geely, that this year will be all-electric Fortwo and Forfour, and by 2022 the market will be environmental-friendly crossover.

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