Mercedes-Benz S-class next-generation displays get in the door

Mercedes-Benz S-class next-generation displays get in the door


It is expected that the flagship model Mercedes-Benz will replace generation in the current year, but the manufacturer prefers not to reveal any details. Therefore, the source of information about the innovations that are planned for the S-class become spy photos. And another photo of the interior of the sedan, published in Instagram, revealed an interesting detail.

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Gracias a @lumier_de_paris tenemos estas primeras im?genes de la puerta del nuevo Clase S. ?Promete? ?Cuenta con pantallas! #newsclass #instamerc #mercedessclass #nuevoclases #carleaks #filtracion #cochespias #carscoop

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The photo shows a door panel of future trends – this is most likely the driver’s door. Wooden planks are distinguishable and the traditional brand keys in the seat, but, apparently, next to these keys engineers implanted in the door and another compact touchscreen. According to preliminary data, this node will handle the memory seats and steering column.


You can disassemble the existing door inscription Faurecia is the name of the Paris firm-the supplier of components that produces the components including for the current S-class. Doubt whether it is a photo with respect to the brand Mercedes-Benz, should dispel the brand logo is also available on the image.

We already know that the flagship sedan should get a brand new interior architecture: in particular, horizontally oriented Central monitor must cede his place to the impressive portrait screen. What else can we expect surprises from the new S-class, time will tell.

But, according to rumors, a revolution produced not only for the interior of the sedan, but for the whole family: it is assumed that the Mercedes-Benz S-class will lose two-door models, so as not to discourage buyers of the Mercedes-AMG GT and the new-generation Mercedes-Benz SL. But from the creation of the new Mercedes-Maybach in Stuttgart to refuse, it seems, are not collected.


As found by Motor1, the photo depicts the conceptual solution of the door trim with the use of touch panels developed for the Daimler companies Canatu and Faurecia. This video shows the work of these panels.

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