Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W223). A new level of security!

Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W223). A new level of security!


The company AutoCapital is the official importer of Mercedes-Benz in Ukraine and an integral part of the Corporation UkrAVTO reports that the new S-Class will debut new innovative and unique intelligent security systems.

29 Jul platform Meet Mercedes DIGITAL presented the second edition on upgrades in the safety systems of Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Driving pleasure at the highest level: protection and support

New Mercedes-Benz S-Class is becoming more intelligent in many areas, and outputs the driving experience to a new level. In addition to the innovative system MBUX, it offers innovations that enhance the driving pleasure and, at the same time, make it even more secure: these include driven rear wheels with a large angle of rotation, and innovative security measures. With the new PRE-SAFE Impulse Side, the car body can be lifted before a side kick with the help of an active hydro-pneumatic suspension E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL. Constantly improving the driver assistance system has taken another step towards Autonomous driving. For example, thanks to advanced sensors for monitoring the surrounding space, Parking systems, you can now better support the driver when maneuvering. At the same time, imaging to a new level thanks to an ingenious integration with the Mercedes-Benz User Experience.

Overview of the main features

  • Fully active suspension, powered from the electrical system at 48 Volts, with a wide range of characteristics for various driving modes. The control units of the system analyze the situation on the road 1000 times per second and accordingly adapt the suspension
  • E-the ACTIVE BODY CONTROL adjusts the suspension stiffness and damping individually to each wheel. Thus, it is opposed not only by banks, but also to “peck” and the vertical buildup of the body
  • In the driving modes “COMFORT” system scan the road surface (ROAD SURFACE SCAN) uses stereo multi-purpose camera (SMPC) for control of the road ahead of the vehicle. Then the damping force is adjusted in such a way as to significantly reduce the tremors and swinging of the body when driving on uneven
  • In driving mode “CURVE” the car actively leans into the inner side of the turn
  • E-the ACTIVE BODY CONTROL provides a new function of PRE-SAFE in the event of an impending side impact
  • Thanks to the innovative chassis with the ability to steer and the maximum angle of rotation of the rear wheels, the turning radius of the S-Class decreased by 2 meters. And even the car with a long wheelbase, the turning circle is less than 11 meters
  • Integrated control of steering and brakes makes driving even more precise and stable, especially in dynamic maneuvers

The new S-Class also sets standards in terms of safety in case of accidents.

With the new PRE-SAFE Impulse Side, Mercedes-Benz is expanding security measures in the phase prior to the strike:

  • When the risk of a side impact, optional E suspension-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL can within a few tenths of a second to lift the body of the vehicle. This will direct the impact energy on more rigid structural elements of the underbody of the car

Measures to protect passengers, based on many innovations tested on experimental concept car with advanced safety Experimental Safety Vehicle (ESF) 2019:

  • New airbag for rear passengers – the world’s first frontal airbag for passengers in the outer seats of the rear row. Its innovative tubular design is unique. As a result, the cushion reveals especially carefully, and in severe frontal collisions can greatly reduce the loads acting on the head and neck of passengers.
  • New seat belts with illuminated buckles. Make it easier to find the buckle in the dark. It makes the process of fastening the seat belt more intuitive.
  • With the camera, MBUX Interior Assistant now detects a child seat on the front passenger seat and before driving will alert the driver with a message on the Central display if it is not secured by a seatbelt.
  • New center airbag is located between the driver seat and front passenger, reducing the risk of mutual contact of the heads with a strong side kick.

Systems-driver assistance systems in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class W223.

The latest generation of the package driving assistance Driving Assistance Package has many new and improved features.

Active assistant control system, blind spot Active Blind Spot Assist:

  • Warning output is now reported approaching the rear of the transport (including cyclists), as soon as the driver or front passenger reaches for the door. This is due to the fact that MBUX Interior Assistant recognizes when a hand approaches the door handle
  • A visual warning is issued with a red triangle in the exterior mirror and a flickering red ambient lighting on the corresponding door

Due to the advanced sensors of the surrounding space and integration in MBUX, Parking systems provide even better support the driver when maneuvering at low speed.

Active assistant when Parking:

  • Advanced sensors for monitoring the surrounding space: 12 ultrasonic sensors front and rear, with advanced features
  • Newly designed, intuitive and simplified user interface-integrated MBUX, easy touch control

The emergency braking function when reversing:

  • Integration with the optional steerable rear wheels, the corresponding path

Optional Parking package with a 360┬░view:

  • Advanced sensors for monitoring the surrounding space is now a function of merge data, four additional cameras (front, back, in the exterior mirrors)
  • Allows to recognize and to offer more available Parking spaces:

For the first time: scribed lines (not vehicles) Parking spaces can now also be used for automatic Parking

  • Four separate camera images are combined into a three-dimensional image of the vehicle’s surroundings, which is displayed on the Central display with dynamic perspectives
  • A three-dimensional image can be intuitively rotated, like look around you car with a virtual camera, including a zoom feature
  • Extended side view: facilitates maneuvering near parallel obstacles, such as curbs, garage wall, etc.
  • The auto brake before pedestrians when driving both forward and in reverse, if the system is activated Parking aid
  • It is possible to prevent collisions around the vehicle in accordance to the strict requirements for automated Parking
  • The layout of the car is calculated in real time:

Shows the current status of the vehicle (e.g. turn signal or brake light)

Identify visual limitations (e.g., open doors, folded mirrors)

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