Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss!

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss!


This is the Mercedes SLR McLaren Stirling Moss! It doesn’t have a roof or a windscreen which made it one of the coolest driving experiences – you feel completely free!Massive thanks to @Mechatronik_officialFollow me on:

yes it is an SLS driving in completely or silence look at what I’m driving today it’s gonna come into focus any second here we go here we go BAM look at that this Stirling Moss first time ever and we’ve got the lawn that led behind that I’ve done a whole other video on the lawn delight you can go check that out but today we are gonna be driving the Sterling loss that’s crazy first time ever for me we’re actually visiting a German collector here a mechatronic so go check them out that’s their Instagram handle go give him some love because they have been such incredible hosts for me and they’ve literally just opened up their entire garage to us today for our channel please make sure to subscribe supercar blondie hit that subscribe button right now and press the bell because if you do that you’re gonna be one of the first ones to watch my vids when they come out so these guys have literally just said it come to our garage I’m going to show you our entire collection and on the way to the garage you can drive the Sterling and I’ve just been handed the keys here we go it’s always just so casual hey there you go there are the keys like chuck them over to me Mike this is how you get into the Sterling loss door button here she makes the sound of a spaceship oh by the way we’ve got all our luggage in the Wunderland they brought that just for the luggage Oh what is this life – a little cup already offset some more than Mitchell bleep I think I figure let’s go authentic you are in front of the camera so you take the goggle the goggles yep so it’s the sterling moss bogel actually Oakley design Oakley designed our own serious office this comes with the car it comes with the car yeah yeah oh we have to tighten it a bit but they and now we are talking I mean I can offer you my ski mask if you want I’m ready let’s go how cool would it be like to actually have a car named after you and have your face all over it then that just be epic the key ready how do I look first time I’m driving a car with no windscreen Hey oh sorry should give it the credit that it deserves there you go I won in a windscreen that should do it I wonder how many Flyers I’m gonna catch on my visor today well god it just gonna fly in my eye oh dear this is serious this car I would die in the heat in July there are a few of these cars in Dubai actually I have seen one or two before but I’ve never driven one this is the first we’re experiencing this together God buttons with our partners this one’s for the spoiler this one is a supercharged v8 with 650 horsepower we are gonna have some fun so in the 75 of these cars in the world we’re gonna see a couple of them today oh god it just gonna fly in my eye oh dear this is serious okay oh my god you really do need the goggles approximate value around three million dollars off it’s an easy easy Drive feels really good this wind we straight it off like wine here we go just arrived in the silver sterling Moss and now we have the white one with the carbon detailing 75 were made in all only a few colors were limited production so the black one there were six of those made and then there was like this bright like orange colorful one and then there were four white ones two of those with carbon detailing the guys here actually owned both of those two Plus this silver one over here this one actually has the rap on it so this guy here is sterling Moss these are former f1 driver they used to be this kind of race right and it’s called the Mille Miglia you can see it here on the back and in 1955 sterling moss actually won in the 300 SOR sorts of Mercedes so as a tribute to him McLaren and Mercedes came out with the sterling moths none of them had his face on the actual car only as a tribute back in 2015 when it’s now a rally the Mille Miglia as a tribute to him they put on this wrap in the front that has his face 7 2 2 was his starting time so they were all given starting times for the for the race back then and this was at 7:22 in the morning I wouldn’t be up at that time mine would say like 5 p.m. I be cool I thought I wouldn’t win anything but I’d be cool starting that time this one is worth about half a million dollars more than that one and that’s for the simple fact that there are only two of this kind of sterling loss in the world with all of the carbon-fiber detailing and the white body we are at this incredible collection private collection here all of these warehouses have the most amazing cars inside I’ve just had a quick look through there’s just one that over want to show you because it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it and we found it just now so come with me yes it is an SLS driving in complete silence this is an electric SLS who knew there are only ten of these two belongs still with AMG and then eight were sold to private customers and here is one so there are four electric motors and the acceleration as you can imagine is just unbelievable Pascal you were what you were beating like he runs and breakfast Cobra you were eating the pea ones for breakfast yeah this acceleration is like under three seconds I mean the range isn’t amazing though is it it’s like a hundred and fifty kilometers or whatever if you drive it sensibly I mean the range is pretty limited so when we started in under mountains yeah the better wars as it is in Switzerland pretty bad yeah so and the range was showing us 250 kilometer range okay bridge over there god help us yeah I think it was 50% left oh yeah after 15 kilometres Wow and then on the drag strip every single strip took us six or seven percent so I mean I reached back to the hotel with I think two percent left Wow okay so if you push it you’ve got like a max of maybe like 80 90 kilometers something yeah when you take it out no one really knows from the back right exactly that’s kind of that weird thing and then on the side the electric drive the super super limited super limited I don’t think we’ll ever see another car like this again perfect I’ll smell that Oh Sonu alright didn’t know I’d be doing this today but there you go massive thanks to mechatronic for having us here today you can go check them out this is their Instagram handle on the screen right now go give them some love and just a quick note we have some new supercar blondie gear coming very very very soon NYX actually wearing one right now we’ve got the caps coming out again is my favorite one actually the logo cap I’m called Nick Carson and then this one here let me know if you want us to go into production with this one because we’ve got a few other ones that are going to come out first this one I really like actually it’s like checkered flag but in Lucy design this is the design on my Lamborghini Lucy ok it’s cool alright guys we will catch you on another video somewhere else in the world with another crazy car we’ve actually got to leave for Switzerland in about half an hour so we got to get going we’ll catch you yeah somewhere else love you wow I melt

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