Mercedes boasted biocoenology interior S-Class

Mercedes boasted biocoenology interior S-Class


The German brand has introduced a high-tech interior of a luxury sedan S-class new generation. In the cabin can be located up to 5 displays.

After months of spy shots and several recent official teasers, Mercedes has finally showed us the brand new interior of a luxury sedan the S-class next generation. In beauty news nothing in common with the previous model. Take, for example, the number of mechanical buttons and switches, which has been reduced by as much as 27 compared to the current S-class.

Although the interaction with the lights and wipers is available the old fashioned way – using mechanical switches, most other functions can be activated using touch, swipe, voice or hand gestures.

As for settings, climate control, Mercedes says that they are “attached” to the bottom of the Central display to provide quick access without having to navigate through multiple submenus.

The upgraded S-class will be available until five displays: full digital “tidy”, an infotainment system with a huge touch screen and on the back of the display. As in the case with the new Cadillac Escalade, these displays are created using OLED technology for sharper graphics with more natural colors, which consumes 30 percent less energy than a conventional LCD display. Digital instrument panel with four display style and three modes, has the effect of three-dimensional images without having to wear 3D glasses.


Another feature presented in the new generation German luxury sedan is a secondary display-enabled augmented reality (AR) navigation and assistance systems while driving. Also available usual HUD (head up display).

In addition to screens and cool projection HUD, the new S-Class boasts more advanced voice assistant with support for 27 languages and a better understanding of what passengers said. Even those who sit in the back, can use it with multiple microphones located in the cabin, which also helps the infotainment system MBUX to determine which place is the voice. Voice can even be used to change the intensity of features such as heated seats.

Not so long ago our newspaper wrote about the fact that Mercedes-Benz is Recalling 669 thousand of their cars. Service campaign will affect cars that have been implemented in China. The problem has affected cars from several classes.

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