Mercedes collapses the production of sedans

Mercedes collapses the production of sedans


On Thursday, the German company announced that it intends to cease production of the Mercedes-Benz sedans in the United States and Mexico, as part of measures to reduce costs to optimize production. Representatives of Daimler spoke about that in the second quarter operating loss will be less than expected, and will be 1.68 billion euros previously published profit until July 23.

From-for falling of demand caused by the closure of dealerships on the background of the outbreak of a pandemic, Daimler reported an adjusted net loss in the second quarter before interest and taxes (EBIT) in the amount of 708 million euros in the same period.

The division Mercedes-Benz Cars & Vans, the company reported operating losses of 1.13 billion euros and an adjusted operating loss of 284 million euros. Representatives of Daimler noted that they had invested approximately 129 million euros in restructuring in the second quarter, which includes the redemption of the staff in Mercedes, as well as the valuations of 105 million euros for the company YOUR NOW.


The automaker will cease production of compact cars A-class at the plant in Aguascalientes, Mexico in favor of a sports crossover GLB. In addition, the German company will cease to produce sedans C-class in Tuscaloosa plant, leaving the plant in Alabama that will build only SUVs. Representatives of Daimler shared information that are being prepared for sale factory Ambache, France.

CEO Ola Kallenius noted that systematic efforts to reduce the breakeven of the company by reducing costs and adjusting capacities, should continue.

In addition, recently it was reported that the German company Mercedes-Benz has updated SUV G-Class for Europe. First and foremost, the diesel version of the SUV G400d now offered in all the available trim levels and with all specifications, which are intended for the model.

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