Mercedes decided to give up some of their platforms and engines

Mercedes decided to give up some of their platforms and engines


The prestigious German brand, owned by Daimler, wants to significantly reduce their costs. Therefore, it was decided to completely abandon some platforms and engines.

A new era of electrified vehicles is a serious problem for automakers. The investment required to remain competitive in these volatile days, huge, and, generally speaking, there are two ways to handle the situation and stay afloat, the automakers either have to unite and work together to develop advanced systems, or to reduce costs by reducing the number of platforms and engines. Mercedes-Benz obviously will follow the second path, sharply reducing the number of its models, engines and platforms.

“We are reviewing our product portfolio, especially because they announced so many environmentally friendly electric vehicles,” said Markus Schaefer, head of research and development of Mercedes.

“We urgently need to reconsider our line of models, products. The idea is to simplify the manufacture of motor vehicles, platforms, power systems and components”.


Mr. Schafer could not specify which models will be discontinued, but he called the G-Class, SL, AMG GT and S-Class cars that built their own platforms.

“In the future we will have a couple of versatile platforms on which we will build all their cars”, he said, suggesting that some of the most expensive and exotic models of the brand could even cease to exist.

Although the head of the Department of research and development have not provided accurate information about the future of the V8 and the V12, he explained that it all depends on the requirements of emissions standards Euro-7.

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