Mercedes E-Class was better than the “S-ki”!

Mercedes E-Class was better than the “S-ki”!


Experts of the YouTube channel have published the results of passing the so-called “moose test” for the updated Mercedes-Benz E-Class coupe.

The two-door Mercedes-Benz E-Class was better at maneuvering than the older and newer S-Class. Her best test result is 75 km / h. The experts noted that they cleanly passed the double swap on the first attempt at this speed.

And although the Mercedes-Benz E-Class remained safe and obedient with the increase in the speedometer readings, it no longer managed to fit into the marked corridor. As the speed increases, the vehicle starts to understeer.

77 km / h is considered a credit for testing. Big cars, however, find it difficult to perform better, as the latest videos from the channel show. So, the flagship S-Class coped with the test at a maximum of 74 km / h, and its classmate Lexus LS – at 71 km / h. However, both large sedans were praised for their reliable handling.

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